‘Big Brother 13’ live feed spoilers: Adam gets a hard sell

Adam: in control?

For the second time this season on “Big Brother,” we have a rather unusual situation — a guy who has actually done very little in this game (in Adam) being in control of what happens.

(Warning: the following contains major spoilers.)

At the moment, there seem to be two major camps when it comes to whether to eliminate Daniele or Kalia during Thursday’s live eviction ceremony.

-Group 1 consists of Jeff, Jordan, and Rachel, who all seem desperate get Daniele out of this game in order to preserve themselves.

-Meanwhile Group 2 (which is led by Porsche and Shelly) is doing everything they can to keep Daniele, and use her to ultimately knock the other veterans out of the game.

Since Jeff is Head of Household and cannot vote, this puts Adam as the tie-breaking vote (though granted, Shelly and Porsche will likely vote with the veterans if the plan doesn’t work out). Both Daniele and Porsche made a hard sell on him on Tuesday afternoon, saying that his odds of getting to the end are much higher in this group since Jeff would obviously take Jordan. For right now, though, he’s not committing to anything — though from a pure gameplay perspective, he could probably beat both Daniele and Porsche in a final 2 scenario. (Meanwhile, Rachel is probably the only person from the other alliance he would be able to topple in the end.)

If you were Adam, who would you side with?

Photo: CBS

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