‘Survivor: South Pacific’: the differences from ‘Redemption Island’

There are differences!

If you look back at this past season of “Survivor,” there were a few rather significant issues with the overall game:

1. Everyone was following Boston Rob like he proclaimed himself King of the Universe.

2. Redemption Island continued after the merge, when really it should end once the jury phase of the game begins.

3. Having duels with more than two people almost eliminated the purpose of the “duel” itself.

While not all of these problems are going to be fixed for the new season (premiering on September 14), it is at least nice to know that Jeff Probst and the other producers have realized the three and four-person duels are not a particularly great idea. Probst does not say in the cast announcement when Redemption will stop this coming year, but does confirm that it will only be between two castaways:

“We’re not having multi-person duels. That was part of the experiment [last season]. We wanted to see how many people we could keep in the game until the end. And that’s why we let more people live out there. But we felt like it’s too many people and now we’ve got half the group still in it at the end. So it will only be a one-on-one situation. Loser’s out, winner stays. Otherwise, we’re playing it the same way.”

Probst also says that the game this season will feature immunity idol clues that are also going to be hidden at camp — which is a bit confusing, mainly in that it seems someone could theoretically find an idol before they find a clue.

As for the cast of followers … let’s just hope some of these new people are not so interested in keeping Coach and Ozzy around simply because they are famous.

Photo: CBS

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