‘Glee’ season 3 spoilers: Brittany / Santana details and more

Will anything happen?

Over the past day or so, most of our “Glee” scoop has revolved more around the winners of “The Glee Project.” However, this is going to be changing this time around.

(Warning: the following contains potential spoilers.)

First, let’s begin with the just-reported news that the Brittany / Santana storyline is going to be on hold during the early part of this season — at least for the first pair of episodes. The couple is officially in the “will they or won’t they?” zone, and we have to wonder whether or not Artie is going to re-enter the mix. Brittany is a rare example of a character who has two love interests that are reasonably easy to root for — even if Artie did make a mistake in questioning her intelligence, he does seem apologetic about it.

Moving forward, the same report also suggests that Idina Menzel is going to be around for at least eight episodes for this coming season, and that she will (of course!) be doing a duet with Lea Michele’s Rachel. This re-appearance of Shelby could also create some problems for Will / Emma fans, who already have been suffering a lot lately.

Which romance is driving you crazier at the moment — Brittany / Santana or Will / Emma?

Photo: Fox

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