Another Fear Factor stunt goes wrong

Who wants to go on that ride?

After a ‘Fear Factor’ contestant was taken to the hospital after the truck she was riding on top of slammed into a car the other week, you’d think that the set would be really buckling down on the safety, but there has been another accident.

The ‘Fear Factor’ stuntman is really lucky to be alive at this point after a safety mechanism malfunctioned during a 6 story high jump leaving the stuntman to hit the ground feet first resulting in two broken ankles.

The stuntman was rigged to a backup safety mechanism which helped slow his fall, but it obviously didn’t help break his fall. Medics were on standby and quickly drove the stuntman to the hospital to take care of his injuries.

The producers of the show had this to say; “Safety is our first priority, and because of that we test these stunts repeatedly with trained stuntmen to ensure our contestants’ well-being.”

What’s crazy about this is that the stuntman was allegedly testing out a new challenge for the ‘Fear Factor’ contestants. What contestant is going to want to participate in that stunt for any amount of money now?

Picture: NBC

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