Selena Gomez tells David Letterman about Justin Bieber split, making him ‘cry’

Late ShowMrs. Carter: Selena Gomez is speaking out … and in one of the most unusual of venues.

After spending years jokingly referring to David Letterman as is “uncle,” it was not actually Justin Bieber who ended up speaking out about his relationship to the teenage pop star. Instead, it was the “I Love You Like a Love Song” singer, who was with him for almost two months prior to their breakup. It’s not exactly clear just when their relationship was officially over, mostly because for a good span of time it was on, then off, then back on again, and now back off. This is really the first time that Selena has ever confirmed that the relationship is over in an interview.

What may be even more interesting than this is the way in which she did it. Letterman started to tell Selena that the last time Justin was on the show, they had a back-and-forth discussion that ended up making Bieber “cry.” Then, almost without¬†hesitation, Selena replied with a “that makes two of us.” This comment was not only met with a mass amount of applause from the audience, but also laughter from Dave.

Ultimately, we have to give Selena some credit here for making a pretty brave comment. She knows how overprotective Bieber’s fans can be at times, especially since many of them spent the first few months of her relationship giving her death threats on Twitter and saying other nasty things about him. Ultimately, we imagined that whatever these two went through in real life, it was so much worse than anything that Selena could have said on this show.

What do you think about Gomez’s remark, and airing out this much of her dirty laundry in public? If you want to see some more Letterman highlights, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: CBS

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