‘Bachelor Pad’ season 2: Jake Pavelka, Kasey Kahl, and one bizarre cut

Is Jake done?

Even before Monday night’s new episode of “Bachelor Pad,” we knew that one of the season’s big characters was going to be leaving the show. The house is not big enough for both Jake Pavelka and Kasey Kahl, and with only one contestant going home this week this was really all about the boys.

At the end of the day … we really don’t know for sure what happened. It appeared as though Jake was going to be leaving the game, but thanks to one of the most bizarre edits in the history of the show, all we heard was Chris Harrison say Kasey’s name, and then it cut to commercial. No explanation or anything. (Yes, this is the producers trying to stretch this out some more.)

So if Jake does leave, there really is only one question left to ask — is the rest of the show even worth watching from a drama standpoint? It’s obvious producers knew that Jake was going to be going home last week, and thus changed up the game in order to save him for at least a little while longer. We would still have the Vienna and Kasey drama hour (which this week contained Kasey trying to serenade his girlfriend after she made one of the most awful comments imaginable about being handed a ring), and we also can try to enjoy what is going on right now with Michael, Holly, Blake, and Melissa. (It’s a love rectangle! Except that no one really seems to want to be with Michael.)

Do you think that Jake is definitely going home — and what do you make of the show’s bizarre ending?

Photo: ABC

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