‘Big Brother 13’ live feed spoilers: is someone ready to flip?

What’s she doing now?

Sometimes in the “Big Brother” game, you have to consider making a big move in order to keep yourself alive — when it comes to Shelly, she may be realizing that the time may be coming up this very week.

(Warning: the following contains spoilers.)

It appears almost as though Daniele accomplished something from her conversation with Shelly — planting the idea in her head to potentially keep her over Kalia. Shelly knows at this point that Porsche would vote to keep Dani if the numbers are there, so now the real issue is Adam.

Unfortunately, Adam does not seem willing to budge just yet. When Shelly came to him Monday to discuss the possibility of keeping Daniele, he turned his nose up at it by saying that this is too early for them to try and turn the game upside-down, saying that it should happen instead once they get to the final six. (Then again, if this happens Adam and Shelly will really lose any advantage over Jeff, Jordan, and Rachel.)

As for why Shelly may want to keep Daniele, Rachel may have something to do with it. She hates Rachel with such a passion, and Daniele gives her the best opportunity to actually make sure she doesn’t win Head of Household during the double-eviction episode.

Do you think Adam is crazy to want to side with Jeff and Jordan at this point — and is Shelly putting herself out there so much that she will end up in trouble?

Photo: CBS

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