‘Game of Thrones’ season 3 spoilers: Gwendoline Christie teases story for Brienne

BrienneOver the next couple of weeks, we are going to get an opportunity to get some more specific character scoop about “Game of Thrones” season 3 courtesy of Entertainment Weekly’s set visit this past fall to Northern Ireland, and the first character they decided to profile is someone who is certainly a fan favorite to those who have read the George R.R. Martin books: Brienne.

So what are we going to be seeing the famous knight (who swore service to Catelyn Stark back in season 2) do now? Gwendoline Christie, who has developed a following in her own right courtesy of playing the character, had the following to share on the subject:

“We last saw her as a female knight who was very much having to prove herself and find her place and find her place in society because she doesn’t have a natural place where she fits in. By the end of [the season] she has a mission, which she believes is for the greater good. [Season 3] focuses on [Brienne and Jaime’s] relationship and the journey those two human beings go on is extraordinary. We see her in situations trying to survive in ways that extend beyond her physical strength. And we start to see her explore her womanhood, what it is, for her, to be a woman. She’s starts to find out more about herself and about very basic human emotions — attachment to someone else and what honor really means to her. In this ridiculous and extreme situation of high drama, she starts to really find out who she is and what she believes in.”

After seeing Jaime start to become more of an underdog in season 2, his journey throughout the episodes ahead is going to be one of the more interesting story threads, and with Brienne at his side, these two are basically the closest thing that Westeros has at the moment to “The Odd Couple.”

What do you particularly want to see Brienne do on “Game of Thrones” season 3? Just in case you want to recap everything that happened on the show last year, you can do so by checking out our recap video here.

Photo: HBO

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