’30 Rock’: Alec Baldwin already has a name picked out for baby

Alec BaldwinMrs Carter: He’s got a big name in mind – hopefully their boy can live up to it if they decide to go that route.

Celebrities now a days are known for picking the most unusual names they can possibly think of for their children, because clearly their life isn’t going to be unusual enough having a Hollywood star as their mom or dad, but as the trend of crazy baby names picks up we can’t help but get nervous when we hear a celebrity has their baby name picked out before the baby is born.  Do we really need another “Pilot Inspektor”, “Apple” or “Blue Ivy”?

In a new interview with People, Alec Baldwin’s wife, Hilaria, revealed that although they have no preference when it comes to having a boy or a girl, they don’t want to wait to find out what they are having.  Hilaria has her suspicion that she will be having a baby boy, but in just a few weeks time, they will be finding out the gender of their child.  She said: “Somebody gave me some really great advice which was, you’re going to find out eventually.  It’s going to be a surprise eventually, so why not have the surprise sooner? It’s like Christmas sooner!”

So does Alec and Hilaria have names picked out?  Seems like Alec has an idea for a boy name, but Hilaria might not be sold on it just yet.  She said: “[Alec] had the idea for Massimo the other day. It’s a lovely name, I just don’t know.  That’s a very big name for a very little baby.”  Hilaria said that really it’s going to come down to what the baby looks like that will help determine what their name will be.  It’s always easy to pick out a baby name before hand, but when they are born they might not look like a “Pilot Inspektor”, they may look more like a “Daniel” or a “Michael”.

Photo: NBC

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