‘Survivor: South Pacific’ cast hits the internet early

The new season stars September 14.

Although CBS has not announced the official cast for “Survivor: South Pacific” just yet, an accidental leak on MSN (coupled with some shrewd skills of posters on Survivor Sucks) have given us the full cast list a little bit early. (The official announcement will come at some point later in the week.)

As we have speculated ever since the beginning, Benjamin “Coach” Wade and Ozzy Lusth are the two returning castaways to the game, but they will also be joined by some of the following people on September, 14 2011 for the season 23 premiere:

Dawn Meehan – 40-year old college professor from South Jordan, UT

Elyse Umemoto – 26-year old beauty pageant queen and go-go dancer from Las Vegas, NV

Jim Rice – 34-year old professional poker player from Denver, CO

John Cochran –  23-year old law student (with a rather familiar name) from Oakton, VA

Keith Tollefson – 26-year old environmental technician from San Diego, CA

Mark Anthony Caruso – 47-year old registered nurse from Forest Hills, NY

Semhar Tadesse – 24-year old “mactor” from (where else do mactors come from?) Los Angeles, CA

Whitney Duncan– 26-year old singer (the Chase of the season) from Nashville, TN

Albert Destrade – 25-year old high school basketball coach from Tampa, FL

Brandon Hantz – 19-year old tankerman (and Russell Hantz nephew) from Katy, TX

Christine Shields – 39-year old teacher from Merrick, NY

Edna Ma – 35-year old physician (and occasional TV personality) from Los Angeles, CA

Mikayla Wingle – 21-year old bartender / cover model from Tampa, FL

Rick Nelson – 51-year old cattle rancher from Aurora, UT (and this year’s winner of the casting contest)

Sophie Clarke – 22-year old med student from Willsboro, NY

Stacey Powell – 44-year old undertaker from Grand Prairie, TX

Outside of Hantz (which is exploitation at its finest based on his name), the rest of the cast actually seems to be diverse and one of their best in recent years. Only two cast members this time are from the usual hotbed that is Los Angeles, and we have some new occupations mixed in here, as well.

Stay tuned — we will have more coverage of this season moving forward.

Photo: CBS

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