‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 6: Kunal Nayyar talks relationship on ‘Conan’

RajMrs. Carter: Kunal’s a happy man!

There is almost a bit of irony when it comes to the stars of “The Big Bang Theory” and their personal lives. For example, while Raj is the only character on the show right now not in a long-term relationship (though things are going okay between him and Lucy at the moment), the actor is actually married in real life to a former Miss India. (Simon Helberg is also married in real life, while Jim Parsons is in a long-term relationship with his partner.)

Kunal’s real-life marraige become the perfect subject for hilarity earlier this week, when the actor appeared on “Conan” in order to discuss how much he has changed after being a married man officially for a full year. Now, we jokes that he often finds himself lying more to make himself look more productive than he really is, and then followed that up by saying that he is probably going to need to sleep on the show’s couch after the interview. (There are also discussions about body hair and toejam later on that are certainly not going to help things at all.)

While Nayyar is on the most-popular show on TV, he and many of the show’s other stars all lead relatively private lives. Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki did not disclose to anyone that they were dating for the two years that they were together, with the primary fear being that they did not want their relationship to damage the show in any way. Meanwhile, Parsons has still never publicly acknowledged the name of his partner, and neither he nor Galecki have an active account on social media.

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