Estella Warren gets away with crazy DUI car crashes

Estella got away with it

Another celebrity has gotten away with a multitude of crimes and this time it’s ‘Planet of the Apes’ actress Estella Warren.

You may have heard that the actress allegedly got drunk, drove her car and crashed into not one but three other cars, then attacked a police officer and then to top it all off she wiggled her way out of cuffs and took off!

Estella was eventually charged with DUI, hit and run driving, battery on a cop and resisting arrest once law enforcement officers were able to recapture her.

While a regular every day person would never get away with a slap on the wrist for this kind of behavior, Warren of course got a deal.  She plead guilty to the DUI and the other three charges were dropped.

Estella was sentenced to 60 months of summary probation and is attending a substance abuse program for 18 months.  She was also fined $1,908 in costs and penalties.

Warren issued a statement, saying;

“I take my actions and their consequences very seriously. I can’t express enough how grateful I am that no one was injured or hurt. Moving forward I am focusing all my efforts on my [career], my family and being a good influence to others”

It is mind boggling what you can get away with if you’re famous in America, how the law doesn’t apply to celebrities is beyond us.

Photo: Tom Hiltz

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