‘Glee’ season 3: whatever happened to Anne Hathaway?

Hathaway was never added.

Unlike some other recent “Glee” stories, this one actually is not about any spoiler scoop for season 3 — but rather yet again another question about what happened to a given guest star. From Susan Boyle to Javier Bardem to Anne Hathaway, time and time again as of late we have heard it be close to confirmed that some big names will be stopping by McKinley High School — only for them to never end up appearing.

The last we heard about Hathaway, for example, she was set to play a lesbian aunt to Chris Colfer’s Kurt on the show — but the actress explains in a new interview that she was never actually called to come in for the role after the invitation was made:

“[He said] ‘Anne Hathaway, come onĀ Glee!’ And I go yes, and he goes ‘Fab, I’ll call you.’ … And I never heard from him again.”

Granted, following the Globes Hathaway was panned for her hosting job at the Oscars, and it’s possible that as talented as she is, Hathaway would have been a distraction from the actual story at the time (as some “Glee” guest stars have done in the past). As for why we never saw Bardem play a rock star or Boyle a lunch lady, odds just are that they weren’t a perfect fit considering that the show itself has so many other stories to tell.

Don’t prepare yourself to be seeing any of these people in season 3, either — Murphy has already said that he is not looking to add any more big names to the cast even for an episode.

Are you bummed that some of these appearances never happened?

Photo: Fox

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