‘Big Brother 13’ live feed spoilers: nomination strategy

Decisions, decisions.

With the nomination ceremony likely to happen by the end of the day Friday in the “Big Brother” house, it’s time for the new Head of Household to make a decision — do you listen to what everyone else wants, or go with your gut?

(Warning: the following contains spoilers.)

Almost immediately as soon as Jeff won the challenge late Thursday night, Jordan, Shelly, and Rachel all started to press for getting Daniele on the block. However, is this really what benefits Jeff the most? He seems to be considering the possibility of keeping Daniele around after she did not put him up her past two times as Head of Household — but only if he can get rid of Kalia or Porsche instead.

So with that, one of the ideas Jeff has bouncing around in his head right now is nominating Kalia and Porsche, telling Daniele not to play hard in the Veto in return, and then either backdooring her or just getting rid of one of the nominees if he so chooses. The biggest issue with not putting Daniele up is merely that thanks to her Veto ticket, you could end up having seven players up — and if she wins and uses it to save an ally, it means Jeff has to put up someone else (even if that person will likely end up staying in the game).

Therefore, within the next 12 hours expect to see Daniele and Kalia as the nominees — even Jeff may secretly want Kalia out just as much as Daniele (which is possible considering that Kalia actually put him on the block), it’s the smarter move when it comes to showing his cards as to who is the weak link in his alliance.

Do you think Daniele is in huge trouble this week?

Photo: CBS

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