‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’: Brandi Glanville feels LeAnn Rimes is not remorseful

Brandi Glanville

Mrs Carter: She got her revenge – his motorcycle felt her wrath.

Brandi Glanville has been through a lot when it comes to her divorce from Eddie Cibrian and even though it’s been years since these two have been together sometimes it feels to us like the situation is still fresh because of how often this is still covered in the media.

The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star” has always said that she will answer any question as honestly as she can and that no topic is off limits, so when she sat down with Glamour magazine and they asked her how she dealt with the pain from her divorce she admitted that the anger that swept over her came out in a physical way – towards his motorcycles.  She said: “I got a knife, and I went out to the garage. I just took it to both of his Harleys.  I hated those bikes — my dad had almost died in a motorcycle accident. I had never wanted Eddie on them, because we had children. I slashed all of the tires, and it felt so good.”

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few years then you’ve likely heard that Brandi’s marriage to Eddie ended shortly after he was caught having an affair with singer LeAnn Rimes while Brandi was pregnant, so co-parenting with Rimes has been particularly difficult for Glanville, especially because she feels that Rimes hasn’t expressed any remorse for what she did.  Glanville said: “When I’m home alone on a holiday and LeAnn is tweeting pictures with my children, it breaks my heart.  Marriages break up all the time. People have affairs. Happens every day. It matters how you handle yourself after and if you’re actually remorseful. I’ve never found LeAnn to be remorseful. I found her to be like, ‘Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah, I got your family.”

The end of a marriage is always difficult, but when there’s infidelity and children involved then the pain is tripled to unspeakable heights.  People give Brandi a lot of flack for still talking about what happened with Eddie and LeAnn, but when someone who wronged you is still in your life almost every day it’s incredibly difficult to keep quiet about what’s happening – some people never get over something as traumatic as what happened to Brandi, but she seems to be holding as strong as she can in a situation like this and that’s inspiring.

Photo: Bravo

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