‘Big Brother 13’ live feed spoilers: the new Head of Household is…

Daniele was unable to play.

It ended up being a rather intense Head of Household competition in the “Big Brother 13” house Thursday night — but at the end of the day, there could only be one winner. Who ended up coming out on top? (Here’s a warning — you probably predicted this from the moment you saw the challenge announced.)

Ultimately, the feeds showcased just enough of the challenge to let us see that Jeff is the new Head of Household after filling up enough soap in his bowl to grab out the ping-pong ball. Thankfully, this actually did end up being pretty close. Rachel and Porsche kept pace with him for the most of the way, but the guy had longer legs along with longer hands (which both helped in this sort of athletic challenge).

For any conspiracy nuts out there, this challenge was not “rigged” thanks to Jeff getting one of the outside lanes — these were all selected at random earlier in the day.

As for who Jeff will put up, it seems right now to be an easy answer — Daniele and Kalia. One of them is a serious competitor who campaigned to backdoor him at one point, and the other one put him on the block earlier in the season. Then again, he could end up saving Daniele if he is that desperate to get Kalia out of the game. (He did promise that she would be his primary target, and Daniele did not put him or Jordan up as Head of Household last week or two weeks prior to that.)

Are you surprised in the slightest that Jeff won, and since you’re probably not who do you think he should put up?

Photo: CBS

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