‘Jersey Shore’ season 4: Snooki’s ‘situation,’ Ronnie’s regression

This episode was about two events.

During Thursday night’s new episode of “Jersey Shore,” we did see a little bit of everything over the course of the evening — Deena had some fun with one of The Situation’s twins he brought home for himself, there was some crazy dancing in the club, and we all got the opportunity to learn that Italian-Americans really don’t speak much better English than Italians themselves.

Ultimately, there were really two major highlights from this episode, though, that people will be talking about for some time.

1. Ron and Sam are…

Back together! Yes, start your groaning right away. The two seem to be happy at the moment, but it seems that next week the trouble is going to start yet again as we move closer to the brawl between Ronnie and The Situation that we have heard so much about.

So let’s toast to Single Ronnie. We will miss you — and your crazy dance moves.

2. The Situation and Snooki did…

Something. Or nothing. It all depends on who you talk to. Snooki denied during the episode ever hooking up with Mike while she has been dating Jionni LaValle — however, Mike is sticking to his guns in saying that something happened.

Who’s right? We may never know. It’s obvious that Snooki is trying to protect her relationship, and it’s actually pretty hard to tell what The Situation’s motivation would be for making something like this up. Does he want Snooki for himself? Sure, but pretending that you did something with her is not the way to do this. Plus, this whole ordeal really just looks like a “grass is always greener” sort of scenario.

Nevertheless, this fight will lead to her calling Jionni next week and telling him what is being spread around the house — even if she is claiming it to be not true.

Based on everything you have seen so far, who do you think is telling the truth — The Situation or Snooki?

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