‘Bachelor Pad’ host talks Jake Pavelka, Vienna Girardi’s latest episode

Vienna’s protest failed to work.

There were plenty of moments from this past episode of “Bachelor Pad” that had people talking, but perhaps none more so than the random twist by the show to keep all guys safe for the week. Was this likely set up in such a way to ensure that Jake Pavelka would stay another week longer and keep the drama going? Based on the answer show host Chris Harrison gave to TV Guide about if they plan these things out in advance, it seems like it:

“The plan is never set. We have an idea of how we want it to go, but until you see how things are going and you see how people are acting and how the game is playing out, then those twists and turns are added. They’re definitely not last-minute, like: Oh, Jake’s about to leave, let’s do this. You can’t change the game to that degree. But as we see things that might happen a week in advance or several days in advance, we can change the script a bit and change the game a bit as long as we stick to our rules and everyone has an equal chance to win. They know that anything can happen at any time.”

With this answer in mind, it does sound an awful lot like the show knows that Jake is next in line to go home, so really all they are doing is prolonging his stay for the sake of drama as long as they possibly can.

When it comes to Vienna’s response to the twist, meanwhile (which basically consisted of her trying to stage a protest), Harrison was a bit less kind:

“You can play the victim all you want … but if you’re going to start accusing the show I’m not going to stand for it. Who’s keeping you here? .That’s why when she said that, I said, ‘If you don’t like it, then leave.’ Literally, she was trying to have this coup d’etat and stage a walkout. … it’s not the last temper tantrum that a houseguest will have this season.”

This twist has given Jake another week in the game, but unless he wins this next challenge, expect to see him out the door soon. (With that, our interest in this season from a drama perspective will understandably wane.)

If you were a producer on this show, how badly would you have worked to make sure both Jake and Vienna stuck around as long as possible?

Photo: ABC

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