‘Teen Mom 2’ Jenelle Evans threatens divorce from Courtland Rogers

Jenelle Evans, Courtland RogersMrs Carter: Here we go again, round and round.

Around the holiday season it seemed that “Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans and her husband of just a few weeks, Courtland Rogers, were already headed towards divorce after they posted a series of Twitter messages implying that their relationship was over, but a day later both Jenelle and Courtland cleared up the “confusion” and insisted that they were still happily marriage despite what they wrote.

Shortly after their declaration of love, they announced that Jenelle was pregnant and she posted photos of a very small baby bump on her Twitter, but only days after the announcement Jenelle began implying that Courtland went to a club until 3 a.m. and cheated on her with someone else (something Courtland denied). The drama doesn’t end there.

Recently Jenelle posted another message on her Twitter account saying that she “might” be having a miscarriage as she told Courtland off for leaving town during the crisis.  She said: “I am getting a divorce, ASAP. YOU F**KING LEAVE OUT OF TOWN AND I MIGHT BE HAVING A MISCARRIGE?! F**K U, U F**KING PIECE OF S**T.”  Jenelle later said that her fear of him cheating had been confirmed by “other women” coming to her and telling her about his indiscretions.  She wrote: “Wow ladies coming out of the wood work left and right telling me how unfaithful he was being, omfg….”

Courtland on the other hand is accusing Jenelle of being the one who has been cheating.  He posted screen shots on his Twitter account of what could be her cell phone detailing a conversation she allegedly had with another man and claims that when he went out of town she went to see her ex – Gary Head.  He wrote: “Omg please somebody tell me that she did NOT go see Gary the first day we are apart! Please b fake !! Did she really do that.”

The situation is so out of hand at the moment that we really don’t know what side of the coin it’s going to end up on, the only thing that seems to be a constant is that these two have some serious drama going on whenever they are together.

Photo: Jenelle Evans, Twitter

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