‘Glee’ season 3 spoilers: new character talk; a ‘Finchel’ kiss

They look to be together.

In this latest batch of speculation from the third season of “Glee” (which will officially be on television this September), the focus is going to be all over the place — both on the familiar as well as the brand-new.

First, let’s begin with something we were all hoping would happen eventually — a “kiss” between Rachel and Finn! Lea Michele confirmed the romantic news in a post on Twitter:

“First Rachel and Finn kiss of Season 3…So cute!!! Except @CoryMonteith did you have to eat the peanut butter sandwich??”

It seems as though the conflict for “Finchel” this year is not going to be so much on them being together, but how they are going to plan out their future together after the show. Considering everything we have heard, odds are they will be taking off to New York to start a life there (and possibly have a spin-off).

When it comes to one of the new characters of the season, we have this quote (via E!) from Jane Lynch about Sue Sylvester working with Vanessa Lengies’ Sugar — a girl who comes from money, but can’t carry a tune to save her life:

“I will interact with Vanessa. She plays Sugar Manta. She’s hilarious! I heard her recording today and saw her perform it. Ah-ooh. That’s all I’m gonna say. Ah-ooh.”

What are you most excited about when it comes to this upcoming season?

Photo: Fox

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