Euphoria star Zendaya is Sally in Squarespace Super Bowl commercial

ZendayaZendaya is one of the biggest stars out there these days, whether it be for Spider-Man: No Way Home or her role in Euphoria. Of course, it makes sense for Squarespace to hire her for their brand-new Super Bowl commercial!

If you watch the big game on a regular basis, then you know already that the website company is a frequent presence during some of the ad breaks — and they also try to find a way to constantly innovate. For their ad this time around, they take advantage of a common tongue-twister: Sally sells seashells by the seashore. They cast Zendaya as Sally, and show all the different ways that her website can further help to grow her business.

While we would not say that this particular commercial is necessarily hilarious, at the same time it 100% does what the company sets out to do: It’s slick, well-executed, and it is going to get buzz just by nature of the star itself. We can easily understand why Zendaya agreed to do this, especially when you consider the hefty sum she probably got for starring in this.

Depending on when this ad airs during the Super Bowl tonight, there’s ironically a chance that Zendaya could be on two different networks at the same time. Remember that there is also a new episode of Euphoria on HBO tonight during the game; since the network is not that reliant on live ratings for any of their shows, they don’t care anywhere near as much about some of the competition that is out there. They know that viewers will have ample opportunity to catch up throughout the week.

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