‘Big Brother 13’ live feed spoilers: Brendon and Rachel’s conspiracy

What is being debated now?

For the first time in quite a while in the “Big Brother 13” house, we actually had a welcome sign — some legitimate strategy talk in the afternoon! However, this is probably not welcomes news if you cannot stand the sound of Rachel’s voice.

(Warning: the following contains major spoilers.)

Brendon and Rachel were actually up early Wednesday (at least by show standards), and spent a good bit of time talking at first about Rachel potentially working with Daniele in the likely event he is evicted. Rachel realized that the best thing she could do right now is try to stay in the middle of the battle lines, that way she is not an immediate target a la Jeff, Jordan, Daniele, or Kalia.

From there, though, things got crazy. “Brenchel” concocted a massive conspiracy theory, proclaiming that Daniele made a secret deal before the game even started with Jeff and Jordan, and that is why she was trying to get them backdoored by someone else to keep the blood off of her hands. Rachel then seemed to suggest that Jeff and Jordan are friends with everyone in production and thusly had an unfair advantage … which of course led to the feeds being cut off.

For now, Rachel does seem to be strongly considering playing the game with Daniele, primarily since she realizes that it may be in their best interest to go to the end together and battle it out for the grand prize. However, all of this could change depending on who wins Head of Household Thursday night.

What do you think of Rachel’s conspiracy?

Photo: CBS

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