‘Big Brother 13’ live feed spoilers: the shifting of the tides

There are changes coming…

Following everything that happened Tuesday night in the “Big Brother” house, it could appear as though some new potential alliances could form, and some once-safe houseguests are now looking to be very much in trouble.

(Warning: the following contains spoilers.)

It is now safe to say, first of all, that Shelly has been completely outed for her repeated attempts to play every side in the house. Daniele sat up with Jeff and Jordan and literally went through a laundry list of everyone she supposedly has a deal with — and yes, it pretty much includes everyone in the house save more or less for Kalia. This is giving Jeff and Jordan some major cause for concern about their one-time final three partner, and it is at least giving them some sort of cause to look into other options. While Daniele has talked with Jeff and Jordan about working together, for now this just seems to be lip-service.

What is a bit more intriguing, meanwhile, is Daniele’s final-two deal with Rachel. Would she keep it? If she does, it actually makes some sense. Daniele is doing her best to act as though she is on Rachel’s side, even though she wants Brendon to be evicted. Without the guy around, Rachel will need another partner — and she is the perfect person to take to the end because no one would ever give her a million dollars.

Really, though, here is the question that must be asked — is Shelly’s behavior going to cause Jeff and Jordan to flip, and thus ruin Daniele’s possible plan? (After all, right now she is pressing Kalia to put Jeff and Jordan on the block if she wins Head of Household.)

Photo: CBS

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