‘America’s Got Talent’: the Fiddleheads, Landon Swank rule Wild Card round

The wild-card acts performed.

The Wild Card round of “America’s Got Talent” is usually one that turns out to be incredibly entertaining. There are a number of acts who deserved to go on to the semifinals, but missed out for some reason — and with a few exceptions (name Those Funny Little People), most of the acts Tuesday night fit the bill.

That being said, there were clearly two acts that stood out above all the rest (though The Kinetic King and Yellow Design Stunt Team do deserve an “honorable mention”).

The Fiddleheads

From the beginning, the only thing that has been bad about this group is their name (which sounds like a band at the hillbilly fair). As someone who actually enjoyed their cover of “Billie Jean,” it was exciting to see what they came up with here — and they delivered a surprisingly thrilling version of “Grenade” by Bruno Mars.

Thanks to Mumford & Sons, it is surprisingly cool to be bluegrass again — and these guys perfectly represent the genre while also making it current. Piers Morgan buzzing them may damage their chances, but they are more than a little worthy of coming back.

Landon Swank

When it comes to magic acts, “The Prestige” has it perfectly — doing an effective trick is not only about making someone disappear. It is about how you manage to execute it. Stage presence is the name of the game.

With Landon, this is why he was so brilliant Tuesday night. We have all seen a trick involving a water-tank escape before — and we have even seen the part where the magician switches places with one of his assistants and puts her in the tank at the end. None of this was necessarily original, but it was so slick and well-executed that it was an absolute thrill to watch. Landon is built for Vegas, and is easily the best magic act on this show since Michael Grasso.

What act did you love the most this week?

Photo: NBC

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