‘Fashion Star’: Jessica Simpson confirms pregnancy in Weight Watchers ad

Fashion StarMrs. Carter – Just in case a Twitter image over the Christmas holiday was not enough, here’s something extra confirming for you that Jessica Simpson is pregnant!

The “Fashion Star” mentor’s second pregnancy was the worst-kept secret in Hollywood for the past several weeks, as sources were flying out of the woodwork (and talking to just about anyone willing to listen) about how she was expecting her second child less than a year after first giving birth to her first daughter in Maxwell Drew Johnson. However, for whatever reason Simpson herself refused to address the controversy, and instead opted to allow speculation brew about what her future with Weight Watchers, who paid her a steep $3 million to be her spokesperson, would be.

Well, we know now courtesy of the video below. Simpson talks welcoming a new addition in the commercial, and somehow also manages to shoehorn it into living healthy and promoting the newest Weight Watchers diet plan. The company has also come forward and said that while she will not be following their diet while expect, she will begin work on slimming down with it once again at a specified time by her doctors after giving birth. It’s hardly the plan that the company expected when signing Simpson to be their client, but they seem to be more than happy with the press, and having a spokesperson who brings so much more attention to one of their commercials than it would otherwise likely receive.

Simpson has already filmed season 2 of the aforementioned design competition, and it is going to air on the network beginning on Friday, March 8. If you want to find out more about the plan for the show this year, all you have to do is head over to the link here.

Photo: NBC

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