Big Brother 23 spoilers: New twists, Wildcard Competition revealed!

Big Brother 23Today, a wide range of information was revealed pertaining to Big Brother 23and that includes some epic new twists! Rest assured, we’ve got a lot to talk through here.

Let’s start with the twists themselves. In a new interview with Parade, executive producers Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan announced a number of big things that are working their way into the show. That begins with bringing back four-person teams, something that we last saw in Big Brother 14. These teams will have a captain, and those players will then have an opportunity to choose their other team members based on prerecorded video snippets. There’s a chance for a LOT of strategy early on here (how do you pick your team?), which is absolutely something we embrace.

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The first HoH of the season will be handed a huge “double or nothing” offer from Julie Chen Moonves, and rest assured, that will start the season off on a great, dramatic note! Strategy will be a big part of this season throughout, and it feels like these teams will make it harder for huge alliances to form right away to pick off everyone else.

Just like some other team seasons, if the HoH is on your team, you’ll have safety for the week. Where things get more complicated is in the brand-new Wildcard Competition, which will fill the spot vacated by such comps as BB Roadkill or Battle of the Block. Each of the remaining teams will choose a houseguest to compete, and the winner there can take safety. However, if they do this there will be a punishment delivered to them, their team members, or the whole house! Once again, it raises a big question all about how worried you are about your fate in the game.

While it’s hard to know how any of this will play out, it does make us psyched for the season at large!

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