‘Shahs of Sunset’: GG engaged to Omid Kalantari

GG, Shahs of SunsetMrs Carter: GG’s getting married!  Hope Omid likes knives.

If you have been watching “Shahs of Sunset” season 2 then you’ve already been privy to all of the drama that has already been going on only two episodes in concerning GG and Omid Kalantari. First there was the dinner party during the premiere episode where GG and Omid proceeded to get completely smashed and then Asa and Omid got into a giant fight where he jokingly said he was about to “go Rick Flair” on the girls.  Then on last night’s episode we saw GG get into it with Asa again over Asa’s “big nose” comments towards Omid the night before at the dinner party.  GG removed her earrings and charged Asa, but Omid took her aside and did his best to calm her down.  Although there has been plently of drama surrounding GG and Omid, the one thing that has been a constant through out season 2 of “Shahs of Sunset” is that GG and Omid are not only really close, but they have each others back no matter what the circumstances.

Now we know why these two “friends” (as they’ve been called on the show) are so defensive about each other. Not only are they a couple, but Omid has asked GG to be his wife. GG spoke to US magazine about Omid’s proposal saying that it was “very cute” the way he asked her to be his wife.  She said:

“The proposal was very cute.  I just recently was on the cover of L.A. FashionMagazine, and on the cover, I’m wearing a bridal-style gown. [Omid] told me he thought it was a cute dress if we ever thought of getting married and [then asked] me to grab the magazine so he could look at it again. the magazine was sitting upright — and there was a ring beside it. I turned around and he was right there. “Then he asked the infamous question: ‘You wanna do this or what?’ I was laughing hysterically.”

GG explained that Omid later got down on one knee and proposed to her in a more traditional way. Although their relationship hasn’t yet been explored on the “Shahs of Sunset”, GG says that their feelings for one another have been strong for a long time now.  Will we have a “Shahs of Sunset” wedding in season 3, or perhaps a wedding special? We’ll have to wait and see what GG and Omid want to do, but in the mean time we have plenty more “Shahs of Sunset” season 2 to enjoy!


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