‘Teen Mom 2’ review: Leah and Chelsea get educated, Jenelle is still in love with Ke$ha

Teen Mom 2On this week’s episode of “Teen Mom 2” we saw three of the girls try to do something positive in their lives, while one just can’t seem to get it together.

Let’s start with the one that can’t get it together – Jenelle. Her mother refused to bail her out of jail last week after she failed a surprise drug test, so she called a bondswoman and her friend Tori to come and spring her from jail. Jenelle’s bond is $10,000, but she only has to pay 10% right away ($1000), unfortunately she only has $200. Luckily Tori says that she’ll be held accountable for Jenelle if she doesn’t pay the other $800 – and to think that it wasn’t that long ago that Tori was punching Jenelle out.  The next day Jenelle ignores calls from her lawyer and heads out to see Tori.  She tells Tori that she was balling her eyes out because she was afraid to miss the Ke$ha concert.  Later she meets with her lawyer who warns her that she is still facing jail time, but she doesn’t seem to care. Afterwards she decides to meet up with her mom (even though she’s still angry) so she can see Jace. Her mom tries to talk to her about her priorities and Jenelle loses it on her, saying that she’s sick of her mom blaming her for everything. She screams at her mom that she’s running away and Jace is completely hysterical at this point.

Next we’ll move onto Leah.  Even though her divorce is final and she wants to move on, Leah finds it difficult to focus on anything else (a broken heart will do that to you). She tries to put her energy into getting a nursing degree, thinking that school will keep her pretty busy. Leah meets with an admission representative at the University of Charleston to get the process started. When Leah’s takes her entrance exam she doesn’t think she did very well and after it is graded she realizes that she was totally right, however because her high school GPA was so high, they accept her anyways (being famous probably didn’t hurt either). Although Leah’s divorce was just finalized, she gets a friend request from a guy named Jeremy on Facebook and the two start chatting (and if you didn’t know this is the person she is now married to and is pregnant with his kid).

Now it’s onto Miss Chelsea, who is stressed out about her GED and the drama that went down with Adam, but her friend Erika gives her tickets to go and see Dierks Bentley, a country singer she loves. She has her GED exam the next day, but decides to go to the concert anyway. Chelsea’s mom is worried about her lack of studying, but is trying to be supportive of her decision to go to the concert. Regardless of the concert, Chelsea passes her tests and although things to be going well for her education, she is still bummed that she and Adam aren’t really talking.

Finally we’ll end with Kailyn. After seeing Jo’s alleged drunken Facebook photos on a night that he had Issac, Kailyn goes to mediation to change the custody agreement so she will have more time with Issac. When she goes to drop off Issac at Jo’s house she’s nervous to see him because of the mediation, so she gives her son to someone else in the house and tries to sneak off, but Jo stops her before she leaves and confronts her. In court Kailyn ends up getting what she wanted (every other weekend with Issac), but Jo is threatening to appeal the decision.

What do you think of Leah and Chelsea focusing on their school? Do you wish that Jenelle could get her act together? Be sure to tune in on December 10th at 10 p.m. on MTV for an all new episode of “Teen Mom 2”

Photo: MTV

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