‘The Bachelor’: Is Jake Pavelka dating Kristin Chenoweth?

Jake Pavelka

Mrs Carter: Has Jake finally found the perfect girl to give his final rose to?

“Bachelor” star Jake Pavelka has had a lot of drama surrounding his dating life ever since his relationship with Vienna Girardi went to hell in a hand basket, so whenever the former reality star is seen out with a new woman, the tabloids try their best to create some sort of romantic connection between Jake and whoever he is out with. So it was no real shocker to see TMZ linking Jake to Kristin Chenoweth after the pair was seen out having a meal together near his home in Highland Village, Texas.

Rumors of Jake and Kristin’s romance started circulating around the internet about a month ago when a source said they saw the pair “getting cozy” at a diner in West Hollywood and now they were seen grabbing a meal at a cafe -seems that these two can’t get a meal in without everyone watching for sparks. The witness to the cafe “date” says that they weren’t seen kissing or being overly romantic, but they did say that they were holding hands and being¬† attentive to one another.

Chenoweth is ten years older then Pavelka, so many outlets have been focusing on the age difference rather then the fact that they look pretty happy together or that Jake may have found the perfect woman. When it comes to Jake, people seem to only want to focus on the negative and never the positive, because his relationship with Vienna was such a well documented mess, but we think it’s time that people cut the guy a little slack and let him just be happy. Does anyone really care that she’s ten years older?¬† It’s such a non-issue, that it’s likely no one cares.

Photo: ABC

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