‘Big Brother 13’ live feed spoilers: Shelly tries to work her way back

What’s she trying now?

If you watched Sunday’s episode of “Big Brother 13,” then you probably already know that Shelly has been a focus thanks to her being on the block for some people in the house actually realizing that she is playing just about every side in the game. However, somehow she is still trying to work her way back in.

(Warning: the following contains spoilers.)

On Sunday night (in terms of live “Big Brother” time), Shelly sat down for a new conversation with Daniele and Shelly and did the one thing she could really do best at this point — be friendly. The two (with Porsche) nearby chatted about sports, about Head of Household competitions, and also vaguely about what is going to happen over the coming days.

Thanks to Adam winning the Veto, though, it appears that Shelly is for now safe. What Daniele really has to figure out (as she told Shelly) was what she was going to plan on doing moving forward. If she chose to keep Brendon and backdoor someone else (see Jeff), she could get herself to the end against someone she could actually beat — however, there’s also a possibility that Brendon will turn on her later.

Do you think talking about anything and everything is really the best thing Shelly can do — and what do you think Daniele should do?

Photo: CBS

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