‘X Factor UK’: One Direction’s Liam Payne denies dating Leona Lewis

Liam PayneMrs Carter: Liam and Leona sitting in a tree? Not according to Liam they aren’t!

When you’re part of a band that is as famous as One Direction is, then it’s no surprise that every time you hang out, talk to or even look at another famous person (or non famous person for that matter), media outlets automatically link the two of you as dating (especially if it’s a really slow news day). When stories began to surface that Payne was rebounding with singer Leona Lewis, many raised their eyebrows at the rumor and weren’t really sure what to make of the pairing, but Payne has taken to his Twitter account to set the record straight about his alleged “romance” with Lewis.

So are Liam and Leona dating or is this just something tabloid bloggers have made up in hopes of stirring the pot a little bit? Payne wrote: “I’m not dating Leona.” Well it can’t get much more clear then that can it? Liam also cleared up some other rumors that were floating around the internet thanks to Gather  concerning a solo career and him putting Kim Kardashian on blast.  He said: “My YouTube channel isn’t for a solo career and I didn’t insult Kim k…Pow!” and then added “Bored of constant news articles.”

As long as there are tabloids, celebrities will be romantically linked to everyone under the sun in hopes that one of them is actually right – kinda like gambling, if you put your chips all over the roulette table you’re bound to win eventually, but when it comes to Liam and Leona it looks like the tabloids will be taking a loss with that one.

Photo: ITV

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