‘Bones’ season 8 review: Angela kisses another man, Jack reacts


On tonight’s episode of “Bones” Season 8 a street artist they are calling, “Michelangelo”, falls from a billboard, but not before kicking over his bucket of adhesive. He becomes stuck to a dead body (who has a fake arrow prop gag on his head), so Brennan and Booth bring the street artist back to the lab and start to try to figure out the identity of the dead body while also trying to get the street vandal to give up his real name. Even though he’s not coming clean about who he is, Angela recognizes his “work” and calls him out as a legendary street artist that goes by the name “Z”. He is given drugs and then is covered in peanut butter to have the dead body removed from his back, but not before Angela, who is completely star struck, kisses him  because he is “Z”. After the bodies are separated, “Z” tells everyone, including Jack, that Angela kissed him.

Late “Z” is in her office recovering from his drug buzz and he tells Angela that she is the only person that knows his true identity and asks to keep it secret and she says she will. A strange connection passes between them when he tells her that she has real talent.  Jack confronts Angela about the kiss and tells her to stop kissing other people and she says okay.

The dead body is finally identified as Morgan Donnelly and his boss, Denny, comes into the station to find out what happened. It is revealed that Denny’s girl, Alexa, ended up cheating on him with Morgan, but that he still had him as his protege. Brennan and Booth go to the girl’s house to talk to her about Morgan’s murder, and the reaction from her and her brother, Alan strikes Booth and Brennan as strange when she bursts out laughing.

Alexa is brought down to the station and she reveals to Sweets that women are crazy attracted to him because he is a stand up comedian, including one that caused a fight between them when she ran up and kissed him on the lips. Sweets checks out past videos of Donnelly’s stand up and notices a heckler there every time. Alexa’s brother Alan tells Sweets that his name is Larry Baron, a bartender at the club Morgan did stand up at. After speaking to Baron, Brennan and Booth find out that Larry and Morgan were in on the heckling together.

Finally Booth and Brennan find out that Morgan was planning on dumping Alexa and moving to New York.  He would brag about it to her brother Alan, who Morgan said was going to work on his comedy with too. He decided instead of letting Morgan go off and ruin both of them that he would kill him.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Did you find Jack’s reaction to Angela kissing “Z” to be a little too supportive instead of angry?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

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