‘Family Guy’ pulls a ‘South Park,’ mutilates Justin Bieber

Family GuyWhat is it these days with adult cartoons wanting to use violence against Justin Bieber? Obviously, they think it is somewhat cool to please their male demographic by finding new ways to maim and dismember the 18-year old pop star, but the latest example of this is really strange. Why? Not only does “Family Guy” not really accomplish much of anything in their decimation of Bieber, but they are also treading ground that “South Park” has already went down in the past.

The scene below is from Sunday night’s edition of the Seth MacFarlane animated series, as a jealous Peter Griffin starts to pummel Bieber for getting a little too close to Lois. You can tell in part that the clip was animated some time ago judging by the fact that the show still featured Justin’s old haircut, which he actually changed last year as one step of his evolution from teen idol to pop star.

The only real difference between the “Family Guy” and “South Park” videos is that unlike the former show, Trey Parker and Matt Stone actually killed Bieber when a monster controlled by Cartman came to one of his concerts and crushed him along with many of its fans. This really just shows the inherent difference between “South Park” and its network TV counterparts: they are simply not as violent or extreme, but the same sort of impact is made.

New “Family Guy” episodes will continue to air Sunday nights at 9:00 p.m. Eastern, and the irony here this time around is that this episode actually aired against Justin’s interview on “Oprah’s Next Chapter.”

What do you think about Peter punching out Bieber: is this funny, or just in poor taste considering how many death threats the guy gets on a regular basis? If you want to see the latest honor bestowed upon MacFarlane, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: Fox

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