‘Big Brother 13’ live feed spoilers: the Power of Veto winner is…

Who has the Veto?

We had a challenge with all sorts of complications in the “Big Brother 13” house, and we do at least have an idea now who is going to be in power for the rest of the week.

(Warning: the following contains major spoilers.)

While the houseguests have not exactly been talkative when it comes to the Veto winner, it appears as though Adam (despite initial signs of a Daniele win) actually is the person who came out on top. With that, he’ll inevitably take himself off the block — which opens the door for Daniele to either backdoor Jeff (who won some cash) or Brendon (who didn’t play). Daniele herself has a Veto ticket to play next week, while Kalia won a vacation.

Meanwhile, Shelly has a reason to be very sad. Similar to Hayden from last year, she is now trapped in the have-not room alone for the next 24 hours. The only thing keeping her company? A bucket of slop, a loaf of bread, and a toilet.

There was one other hilarious consequence of this challenge, and it has now forced Jordan to don a green unitard with “I’m with stupid” written across the front. As per usual with unitards on this show, she is going to be stuck wearing it until after the next live eviction. Unitards don’t have a good track record when it comes to eviction, but for now she appears to be safe yet again.

What are you expecting to happen now with the Veto over?

Photo: CBS

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