‘Twilight’: Kellan Lutz differentiates new movie from ‘The Hunger Games’

Kellan’s one busy guy.

Twilight” star Kellan Lutz has a rather ambitious new project coming up as an action her on new movie “Arena” — but there are already some people being quick to compare it to a certain Jennifer Lawrence / Liam Hemsworth franchise based on the Suzanne Collins books.

Speaking in a new interview, Lutz is quick to come to his own project’s defense — saying that comparisons between his movie and “The Hunger Games” are not exactly fair:

“It’s not like the Hunger Games at all. It really is a new spin on Gladiator. Samuel L. Jackson plays a Caesar…I get kidnapped and thrown into this underground fight club to the death.”

Even if these two films do bear some sort of superficial resemblance, there’s ultimately not too much to worry about here — after all, the two movies are more than six months apart in release dates. “Arena” hit theaters on October 11 (a little over a month before the debut of “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn”) — meanwhile, “The Hunger Games” movie is coming to theaters in March 2012.

Photo: Gina Hughes

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