‘Big Brother 13’ live feed spoilers: nominations and blowups

Is Rachel in trouble?

The nominations have been made in the “Big Brother 13” house — and to no one’s surprise, we have someone who is rather unhappy about the end result.

(Warning: the following contains spoilers from the live feed.)

In concordance with Daniele’s last-minute discussion with Kalia, we now have both Adam and Shelly on the block — but the odds of one of them ultimately going home are pretty slim. Daniele has put them both up in hopes of having one of them potentially win the Veto so they can takes themselves down — and then she can put up a power player to go home.

Who are the candidates? This is where it gets tricky. Daniele is telling people that her target is Brendon, but she has also said following a deal with him and Rachel that she plans instead to do what no one else has the guys to do — backdoor Jeff. Would one of the veterans go home if that happens? It all depends on how much Jeff and Jordan actually trust Brendon and Rachel that they are playing the game with their best interest in mind. (You know this is going to produce some of the best “Big Brother” episodes yet.)

Elsewhere, Shelly spent most of Friday fighting relentlessly with Rachel over claims that she was trying to sell out Jordan and keep Brendon earlier in the season. Shelly was having none of it, with her even threatening to walk out at various times in the competition. (Really, she is just trying to win back some favor — which is what she apparently needs to survive.)

Do you think Daniele made a huge mistake by putting up two newbies?

Photo: CBS

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