‘Justin & Khleo’ trend spawns from Justin Bieber – Khleo Thomas photo

Here’s the meaning behind it.

If you are wondering why in the world “Justin & Khleo” is trending on Twitter this Friday afternoon, we now have an answer for you — it has nothing to do with a new Justin Bieber album or song, but rather just a meeting between the 17-year old singer and the actor best known for roles in “Holes” and “Walking Tall.”

Thanks to promises that he will follow various supporters on the social media site, Khleo has become a bit of a sensation over the past week — and this is not even the first time that something in relation to him has achieved “trending” status. When it comes to “Justin & Khleo,” the actor asked that all of his followers spread the message around along with a photo he took recently with Justin.

When it comes to Twitter trends (which are not always easy to decipher), this one doesn’t take as long to figure out — though it does show the simple power of how getting a message spread around the internet can lead to near-instant celebrity.

Do you find it fascinating how certain words and phrases end up Trending on the site?

Photo: Adam Sundana

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