‘The Bachelorette’: Jef Holm posts cryptic message, Emily Maynard rumors begin

Mrs. Carter: You just can’t say anything online these days…

While in some ways we feel for Jef Holm getting some attention for this latest story – that is if it was not his intention to get people talking.  There is one thing you have to realize if you are going to be a part of a popular dating show like “The Bachelorette”: just about everything that you say will be blown way out of proportion, and you really just have to be ready for it. A good example of this comes in a post on Jef’s official Twitter account, where his decision to retweet (and add to) a comment about romance has led to all sorts of speculation he wants back the woman who picked him on the show in Emily Maynard:

“‘if u have a good girl hold on to her tight! They are hard to come by these days…’ wise words.”

So is there any reason to really read into Jef’s quote here? While we supposed that there could be if one really wanted to, the truth is that there’s still not that much to go on here if you are one of the many people that are rooting for these two to some how find their way back to one another. It’s possible that Jef could be saying it from the standpoint of missing Emily, or he could just making more of a general comment about being sure you hold on to people in your life close to you, otherwise you will miss them when they are gone. It’s too much of an assumption to say for sure that he is talking about Emily … even if he had to know that it would come across that way.

Jef has been quiet as of late since the split; and while he has no intentions of writing a tell-all book as some of the rumors recently have claimed, the same cannot be said for Courtney Robertson per her own words.

What do you think about Jef’s message here?

Photo: ABC

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