‘Big Brother 13’: the misstep of the season

This was quite an episode.

There was a number of major developments during this episode of “Big Brother 13,” so let’s try to break all of this down in terms of two primary events.

(Warning: the following contains spoilers from the episode.)

The eviction

After everything we have seen the past few days, it made it appear as though Lawon would be going out the door for sure — however, Daniele and Kalia had some major second thoughts when they realized that Rachel was still talking behind their back after proposing a deal (even though she did not divulge everything).

Even in spite of this, the end vote to evict Lawon was unanimous — and the house may have made their craziest move ever. The look on Lawon’s face was priceless when he realized he would have to fight to return to the game — and then, the look on Rachel’s face was even better when she learned that somebody previously evicted could return.

The returnee

All week, people have been voting on who would return, and for most of the past few days we have all sat around and assumed that the person to come back would be Dominic — after all, he was competitive and incredibly popular among the fans.

However, the fans decided to be completely sadistic, and actually bring Brendon back into the game. Of course, you knew that he was going to beat Lawon … right? The guy had no chance, and now both power-couples are back in the game.

How shocked are you by the developments of this episode? We’ll have results from the Head of Household challenge as soon as it is complete.

Photo: CBS

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