‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 8 spoilers: What’s an ‘over-correction’?

The latest “How I Met Your Mother” mystery has arrived, but on this occasion, we’re really just talking about something as simple as an upcoming episode title. However, when you remember the mystery that comes along with this show, these are still more than a little bit fun to talk about.

According to a report from IMDB (via SpoilerTV), the upcoming tenth episode of season 8 is going to have what in many ways may be the vaguest title ever: “The Over-Correction.” What does this mean? Obviously, the only real way to read it is that somebody tries too hard to fix something that it ends up blowing up in their face even more than it did originally.

As for where some of these characters will be at the time that this episode happens, all we can do is speculate; but when you remember that the “Autumn of Breakups” will likely be over at this point, we will have three characters who are single again in Ted, Robin, and Barney. May this mean that one of them will try so hard to get something moving again that it blows up in their face? We would not be too stunned by it, especially since Barney and Robin are going to need to make some major forward progress soon in their relationship if they want to be married at the end of this year (or in 2014, based on then this show opts to end). We know that Ted has some more romance coming via Abby Elliot, but there’s no word yet on when she will make her first appearance.

What do you think about this episode title?

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