Justin Bieber introduces ‘Derek Bieber’ during paparazzi chat

A new nickname!

If you have been wondering as of late why in the world “Derek Bieber” is trending on Twitter, we now have some sort of an answer for you. The name ultimately all stems a brief interview Justin Bieber himself had with a member of TMZ on the street.

The cameras had first approached Justin with questions about some tabloid reports out there that he has exhibited “brat” behavior as of late, and he replied by simply saying that he has never heard anyone call him a brat in his life. As for whether or not he gets tired of people constantly asking him invasive questions and getting all up in his business, Justin then joked that his name is “Derek” and he has no idea what people are talking about when it comes to him constantly being in the spotlight.

Thanks to this line, Bieber fans have used their rather enormous numbers to pay tribute to the singer yet again. Ever since Justin Bieber was banned as a trending topic thanks to Twitter changing their algorithm to determine this list, fans have constantly found ways to beat the system by creating trends out of everything from misspelling Justin’s name to now this.

Did you find Justin’s response to the question to be rather funny?

Photo: Adam Sundana

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