‘Big Brother 13’ live feed: one last day of delusions

Who’s in trouble?

On Wednesday night, the “Big Brother” house continued its recent trend of being a hotbed of paranoia — as well as being a place where anything can still happen. The twist has messed with everyone’s unconscious now that they are trying to plan moves down to the specific hand signals during the live show.

Specifically, Head of Household Kalia only seems completely interested in getting rid of Lawon if she can come close to guarantee that he will come back to the house. Otherwise, she is going to try and work some sort of signal out so that Daniele, Porsche, and Adam will end up voting to evict Rachel. The problem? While Porsche seems firmly locked in on Kalia’s side, Adam is still a super-floater and could go in any which way based on what betters him in the game.

Meanwhile, Shelly continues to be Jeff and Jordan’s best friend by insisting that she will vote to keep Rachel yet again — though it could put a target on her back. However, Shelly also seems to believe that because some of the evicted houseguests saw goodbye messages, they cannot come back into the house. (Has she ever heard about editing?) Shelly also thinks that some people would have been in sequester for too long and CBS would not be willing to do this.

There’s really just one thing we learned Wednesday — that Shelly is going to be in for the shock of her life.

Photo: CBS

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