‘So You Think You Can Dance’: Sasha Mallory, Melanie Moore’s final face-off

Does Sasha have the edge?

To say that this season of “So You Think You Can Dance” has been a thrill is indeed an understatement — just like saying Mary Murphy is loud or Katie Holmes fails to offer up any constructive feedback. Has there ever been a better race for first than Sasha Mallory and Melanie Moore? Both are fantastic, have almost brought us to tears, and have a tremendous shot at winning the title. In fact, we may as well through the guys out of contention (even though Marko does have a sleeper’s chance at sneaking in).

Were there any major highlights during this first part to the season eight finale? Yes and no — there were a number of fantastic routines, but none necessarily worthy of cracking the top five of the season. The best of the bunch was the “Sacrifice”-set contemporary routine with Melanie and All-Star Robert Roldan, and you can see that below.

The finale episode really just showcased what is wrong with the “Dance” finale show — rather thank making this two hours and milking it for ratings, they need to condense this down. Having dancers learn four routines and a solo is too much for a week — Sasha was battling an injury as a result, and everyone looked under-rehearsed at one point or another. Don’t we want to make these dances as strong as possible?

At the end of the night, the judges had all like and disliked routines by each of the dancers, so it’s hard to say which of the two favored ladies has the edge. While Sasha has a built-in audience thanks to Adam Lambert, her talent merits all the support and then some. Meanwhile, Melanie has been quite possibly the most consistently strong dancer in the history of this show.

In the midst of all the dances from this episode (which included everything from disco to hip-hop to Broadway), do you have a favorite? In addition, who do you think will win?

Photo: Fox

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