‘Big Brother 13’ live feed: relentless Lawon complaining

Lawon: a target?

If you want some major drama on the “Big Brother” live feeds, then Wednesday is probably not the day that you want to be watching online. With the targets in the house already, all there is for everyone to do really is to gossip and speculate.

(Warning: the following contains spoilers.)

After listening to Shelly relentlessly ream Lawon a new one earlier in the day, Jordan has now taken the reigns as the resident attacker of the guy’s character. Her primary complaint? That the guy has a tendency to copy what everyone else likes. Jeff and Jordan seem reasonably confident at this point that the vote is going to be five to one in order to evict Lawon — which thus keeps Rachel in the game and dooms Daniele a little more.

Now, we also have a “Big Brother” TV update. Even though we already know most of the events from Wednesday night’s episode, there was one shocker –watching Kalia pretty much throw in the towel and act as a cheerleader for Jeff. After looking like a strong player for a few days as Head of Household, she has now diverted back to being the sort of “spineless jellyfish” that Dominic complained about.

Is Kalia one of the worst Head of Households in show history?

Photo: CBS

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