‘Big Brother 13’ live feed: the bashing continues

Who is getting bashed?

When you are in the “Big Brother” house, trashing other people is often the name of the game. Who is doing it more than everyone else at this point? Don’t read on if you want to avoid potential spoilers.

As soon as Lawon was put up as the replacement nominee, Rachel, Jeff, and Jordan’s puppet Shelly ended up attacking him to some of the other newbies. Why? We’ve already talked about her trying to throw the guy under the bus for “wanting” out Daniele and Kalia, and now she is basically trying to say that the man is crazy, running around and talking to himself, and randomly going into the diary room for no real reason other than to chat. (Really, none of these seem as strange as Shelly is making them sound.) In response to these claims on Wednesday, Daniele merely joked that he should be “locked up” somewhere.

Even without this subtle form of sabotage, it probably was still likely that Lawon was going to leave the house — now, it is almost a sure thing unless someone actually manages to figure out exactly what Shelly is trying to do here.

Do you think Lawon is anywhere near as crazy as Shelly is making him out to be?

Photo: CBS

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