‘The Vampire Diaries’: Damon’s ‘distraction’ in finding Stefan

Will they reunite?

At this point, any fan of “The Vampire Diaries” likely knows already that this coming season is going to be focused largely around one plot — an attempt to bring Stefan back after Klaus “recruited” him for his cause during last May’s finale. However, in the midst of this there is one major catch-22 that still has to be played out — Damon’s feelings for Elena, and the kiss that happened when he anticipated that his death was coming.

Due to this, executive producer Kevin Williamson says that the search for Stefan is going to be complicated — while one person will be looking intensely, the other is not going to be caring to as great an extent:

“Damon loves his brother, he can’t deny that anymore, but at the same time, his relationship is building with Elena in a very nice way, so that maybe he’s not trying as hard as he should to find Stefan.”

Are Elena and Damon going to end up getting together as a result? Don’t count on that just yet — Nina Dobrev has said repeatedly that her character still “loves” Stefan, and with Damon there are always questions about whether or not the relationship would actually work from a practical standpoint — even if it is something that excites people in theory.

How long do you think that Stefan is going to be away from Mystic Falls?

Photo: The CW

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