‘Big Brother 13’ live feed: media chatter and little else

It’s a dull afternoon so far.

Unfortunately, there’s not too much going on in the way of strategy talk Tuesday in the “Big Brother” house. Rather than actually spending a great deal of time talking about strategy, some of the houseguests are spending time sitting around and talking about how famous some of them could be.

For once, Rachel is actually serving as the voice of reason. Despite having major problems with Kalia most of the week, she has been cordial with her this afternoon in talking about how many people are disillusioned into thinking that there will be some sort of major opportunity coming their way after spending a great deal of time in the house. (Adam appears to be the person expecting the most to come his way after this season comes to a close.)

Meanwhile, Shelly (who is involved in this conversation) merely says that she is hoping her husband is keeping all of the clippings from various magazines about the experience. (Rachel does warn them to stay away from the internet as soon as they get home following the experience.)

For those of your curious about strategy, for right now it still seems likely that Lawon will be leaving the house — though there is still enough time for this to change.

Photo: CBS

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