‘Downton Abbey’ season 3 spoilers: Another character to find love

If there is one thing that is especially endearing about a show like “Downton Abbey,” it is that every character has their own important story to tell. Take for instance Thomas, a character who has not always been the most likable among the people working at the famous residence. The valet has exhibited some nasty behavior, but you could argue that one of the motivations behind it is his constant repression and inability to be who he really is in a gay man long before sexuality is accepted the way it is today.

So what could cause Thomas to potentially turn it around? In a new interview with The Sun, Rob James-Cllier explains that a story involving romance may end up showing off a new side to his character than we have seen on the ITV (or PBS, if you watch in America) series than we have seen before:

“Thomas gets involved in something that he thinks is love. And he may be right and he may be wrong. We see a side of Thomas that we’ve not really seen. It takes him on a really emotional journey. For the first time I think we really explore his sexuality and how that affects him during the Edwardian time.

“What a burden it must be keeping a secret like that, not being able to allow yourself to be who you are — because you’d be put in prison or get chastised for being against God and seen as something evil, when we know that’s not the case. But in those times, unfortunately, that’s how it was seen.”

We already know that Thomas is far from the only character to go be going through a romantic subplot this season. After all, Lady Edith will be involved in a wedding to Sir Anthony on Sunday’s episode, and we have already seen Matthew and Mary say “I do,” even if it was during an offscreen moment following the premiere. Thomas is one of the many servants whose occupations are at risk thanks to the Abbey’s financial woes, so the Granthams’ storyline may end up impacting him in more ways that it would on most other occasions.

Are you excited to see what transpires with Thomas this season? If you want to find out some more details for next week’s episode, be sure to visit the link over here.

Photo: ITV

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