‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 5 spoilers: A move towards the future

When you have a show that is five seasons along, at some point it becomes pretty clear to you that you are really entering the period known as “the beginning of the end.” When this happens, you can typically see there is a moment or to that serves as a spark plug, or helps to define where the series will go next. When it comes to “Dexter,” it was Deb discovering his secret at the end of last season; meanwhile, on “How I Met Your Mother” it was the moment we learned that Barney and Robin were getting married.

On “Sons of Anarchy,” we really had a rare case this past week of an event unfolding in the middle of a season in Opie’s death that is going to shape the course of pretty much everything that comes after it. It’s already pretty clear that life is not going to even remotely be the same for Jax and most of the other people within SAMCRO as their enemies grow more by the minute; but one other thing that Opie’s death has done is given them a further sense of purpose and drive, and a serious thirst for revenge.

Before this moment happened, we already new that the plan was for the show itself to wrap after seven seasons; and now that we see the way the story is going, this even makes further sense. Showrunner Kurt Sutter recently explained why that length of time was ideal in a conference call, and he stated that it was not due to any sort of contractual requirement or following the norm set by many other TV shows; rather, he felt that it really allowed the show just enough time to build for these moments and their aftermath while not dragging the series on for too long:

“From a very practical notion, I knew that this model basically has around seven seasons of a lifespan before you really have to start trying to reinvent it and change licensing fees, and all that stuff.  My original idea, coming into it, was, ‘Okay, if that’s the model and this is my mythology, do I have seven seasons worth of story to tell?’  I really approached it from that point of view, in terms of how to dole out the story and where to go.  So, the initial idea of seven seasons wasn’t just a number I pulled out of the air.  It was really based on the practicality of what we do.”

Do you think that seven seasons is the perfect length for a show like “Sons of Anarchy,” especially since it gives Jax and SAMCRO enough time to explain what happens next? If you want to watch a preview for Tuesday’s episode, all you have to do is visit the story that is up over at the link here.

Photo: FX

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