‘Glee’ writer talks potential in Brittany – Santana storyline

Will they get together?

By the end of the season, Kurt and Blaine were not the only couple on “Glee” that had a number of people excited — there was also plenty of talk about Brittany and Santana. The couple had a bit of an unrequited love thing going on during much of season two — while Naya Rivera’s character was in love with her fellow former cheerleader, those feelings were not completely returned. With so many fans out there interested in seeing these two get together, we have to believe that it is something that will be addressed in season three.

One of the show’s newest writers in Marti Nixon has plenty of experience in same-sex couples thanks to “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” and she explains in a new interview what is particularly intriguing about working with these two:

“I wouldn’t mind getting into the whole Santana-Brittany thing, especially because of Willow and Tara on ‘Buffy’ … It stems from one of the things we had talked about doing with them on ‘Buffy’ that we never did.  It’s so politically incorrect to make a character gay and then make them ‘un-gay’ again. Like once you become gay, you’ve crossed over, or, you’re not allowed to be a person who doesn’t want to be defined by a label like that. You’re not allowed to be a person who says, ‘I just love that person right now, and maybe I’ll love something else at some point, so I don’t really want to say if I’m gay or bi or straight or anything else. I just love this person.’ I feel like that’s where Brittany is. Without overthinking it, she’s very evolved.”

Season three of “Glee” is set to premiere this September — and with the news that Santana is supposedly set to be one of the graduating seniors, you have to think this romance will be addressed sooner rather than later.

Are you rooting for these two?

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